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Facility Line

Facility Line

The Facility Line is a truely cutting-edge microscope that is incredibly easy to use. The Facility Line combines advanced features, such as high-end confocal and superresolution imaging, Adaptive Illumination (DyMIN, RESCue, MINFIELD), easy3D STED, confocal & STED autofocus, spectral Rainbow Detection, and full autoalignment.

Our new software was designed from scratch to furnish a user interface that allows beginners to intuitively arrive at a top-notch STED image within three clicks, while it triggers a steep learning curve and allows expert users full control over the instrument. The unprecedented workflow outshines everything you have seen before.

Do you want to image fast, smart, and sharp? Explore the Facility Line brochure (PDF)!


Confocal and easy3D DyMIN STED imaging of dendrites in brain slices. GFP-tagged proteins were expressed and immunolabelled using primary antibodies against GFP and secondary antibodies coupled to Star635P. Sample was prepared by O. Kaplan and H. Kawabe @ MPI of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Germany. Scale Bar, 2 µm.

Surface rendering of a confocal z-Stack of a pollen grain.