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The RESOLFT module is a one-color superresolution green RESOLFT point scanning system for switchable GFPs.

Further Information

  • Specs
    • One superresolution channel, suitable for use with green switchable fluorescent GFPs
    • Typical resolution <70 nm when imaging keratin with switchable GFP expressed by PtK2 cells or artificial beads filled with a switchable GFP variant.
    • IX83 Olympus microscope with a 4-color LED illumination source and a monochrome widefield camera
    • Ultracompact Abberior QUAD scanner with 4 galvo mirrors (with 4 degrees of freedom position and angle independently addressable) and a speed up to 2 kHz line frequency
    • Highly suitable for imaging of living cells
    • Continuous-wave laser sources at 405 nm, 488 nm and 630 nm
    • Data acquisition system and software for image acquisition for different imaging modes
    • Software for data analysis (e.g. image analysis, deconvolution etc.)
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  • Labels

    We recommend the following Abberior labels which are tested and optimized for Abberior superresolution systems to facilitate maximum resolution:


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