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Spectral Rainbow Detection

Spectral Rainbow Detection

Abberior Instruments spectral Rainbow Detection

By using flippable filters, any laser combination can be selected by moving individual filters in and out of the beam path. No laser, no filter, no losses.

Compared to acousto-optic solutions, images benefit from much better blocking performance of unwanted stray light and higher fluorescence transmission.

Enjoy higher flexibility compared to fixed wavelength combinations provided by filters in a wheel.

Choose any wavelength band in steps of 5 nm between 400 and 800 nm.



A pair of gradient-coated filters are translated within the Rainbow Detection module in order to freely define the edges of the detection window between 400 and 800 nm. Up to four modules can be installed or upgraded at any time and the fluorescence can be freely distributed between all Rainbow Detection modules.

The underlying avalanche photo detectors (APDs) have superior quantum efficiency, up to a factor of two above hybrid detectors. This means that even when the signal levels are low, our APDs still collect plenty of photons for a meaningful image. Typical applications are superresolution STED imaging and experiments with low labeling densities designed to maintain physiological conditions. At the same time, the dead-time compensation of DynamicPLUS yields crisp images of high-signal samples. Thus, also confocal imaging is highly improved. Of course, you can opt between quantitative analysis of raw data or mathematical deconvolution.