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Imspector's graphical user interface

Abberior Instruments' easyCommander is a graphical user interface for setting up experiments the easy way.

  • Get things done intuitively. The beam path is appealingly illustrated so you see what you get.
  • Simplify your workflow.
  • Get STED-images at the push of a button.
  • Dye database with dye specific presets for excitation & STED lasers, detectors, time gating...
  • EasyCommander automatically applies the perfect settings to make the best out of your samples.
  • Compatible with RESCue STED
  • Applicable for all Expert Line microscopes from Abberior Instruments
  • No compromise on performance and resolution

Ease-of-use example with easyCommander: RESCue STED
Significantly reduce the applied light dose with two clicks.

Using RESCue STED, the same resolution can be achieved with a significantly reduced light dose. 
Only two parameters have to be set:

Step1: Set two RESCue parameters – ‚signal level‘ and ‚strength‘

Step2: Take an image with RESCue STED and significantly reduce the number of excitation and STED photons while maintaining the highest STED resolution physically possible

The saved photons-percentage is displayed online while imaging: in the last measurement the use of RESCue STED imaging avoided 80% of excitation and STED photons!