Abberior Instruments GmbH

Picosecond Pulsed Lasers

Abberior Instruments picosecond pulsed laser sources: LightUp561, LightUp594

Abberior Instruments has developed its own series of picosecond pulsed laser sources: we currently offer 561nm and 594nm pulsed excitation lasers for STED microscopy. Our lasers are tested and optimized for STED microscopy applications. Other wavelengths can be offered on customer request.

A: Laser Head

  • Tested and optimized for STED excitation
  • Pulsed length <100ps
  • Pulses on demand (up to 80Mhz)
  • TTL-pulse compatible
  • Currently available wavelengths:
  • Very compact laser head (50x50x80mm)
  • Other wavelengths on request

B: Power Supply

  • Stand-alone power supply
  • USB 2.0 device
Imaged with the Abberior Instruments LightUp561nm pulsed picosecond laser source (label: Abberior STAR 600)