Abberior Instruments GmbH



Abberior Instruments and JPK Instruments have successfully integrated Abberior Instruments Expert Line Platform and JPK NanoWizard® 4 AFM


  • Correlative STED + AFM measurements
  • Several STED and confocal imaging modes 
  • Several AFM imaging and manipulation modes
  • Simultaneous STED and AFM imaging possible
  • Very high accuracy (~15 nm) of the DirectOverlay of the STED and AFM image
  • AFM manipulation with subdiffraction positioning accuracy.
  • We install your turn-key Correlative STED-AFM microscope in your lab including software, handling & training.

Correlative STED & AFM imaging of cells

Correlative live cell imaging of the actin cytoskeleton in primary human fibroblasts using STED @ 775 and several AFM QI imaging modes.


Simultaneous usage of the 2D STED and AFM sample manipulation mode. 

The manipulation of individual beads (diameter: 100 nm) with the AFM tip can be watched online with STED superresolution.

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