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775 STED

The 775 STED module enables STED nanoscopy at unprecedented resolutions with dyes in the far red spectrum. 

  • Pulsed STED laser @ 775 nm featuring two superresolution STED channels
  • Resolution up to 20 nm; typical resolution < 30 nm
  • Two pulsed excitation laser sources @ 561 nm and @ 640 nm, others on request


3D superresolution volume image of active zones at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction. Immunostaining for Bruchpilot and a second protein. Recorded using easy3D STED at 775nm. Samples by M. Lenz & M. Landgraf (University of Cambridge, UK).


Triple-stained Drosophila ovaries (Abberior STAR 580 Phalloidin (green), Cut immunostain using Abberior STAR RED secondaries (red), DAPI (blue)). Starting with a 10x dry objective, an overview of the organ is recorded. Switching to a 100x oil objective, we zoom into a confocal z-stack and further into a superresolved view detailing small clusters of Cut protein and actin strands. Sample prepared by J. Rehman, Abberior GmbH / Dr. H. R. Shcherbata, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany.

Live-cell STED images of SiR tubulin labelled mammalian cells.

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