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Expert Line

Expert Line

The Expert Line is a sophisticated, highly flexible open platform that can be extended and upgraded, even after purchase.

  • Multicolor confocal scanning system with variable pinhole size
  • Detector gating 
  • Accessible optomechanical design, open electronics and software platform, ready to implement your own imaging ideas
  • Zero-compromize on performance - get outstanding resolution performance in STED microscopy
  • QUAD beam scanner technology
  • We offer unrivaled flexibility in customizing the microscope to your applications
  • We install your turn-key nanoscope in your lab including software/handling training.

The Expert Line can be combined with all modules that you find on the left, with the STEDYCON, and with many more on request.


3D superresolution volume image of active zones at the Drosophila larval neuromuscular junction. Immunostaining for Bruchpilot and a second protein. Recorded using easy3D STED at 775nm. Samples by M. Lenz & M. Landgraf (University of Cambridge, UK).

Mouse inner ear hair cells stained for actin (Abberior STAR 580 Phalloidin, yellow-red) and whirlin (STAR 635P secondary antibodies, blue). Samples were prepared by Dr. Christian Vogl, InnerEarLab, UMG Göttingen, Germany.

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