Abberior Instruments GmbH

Abberior Instruments receives Microscopy Today 2014 Innovation Award

28 Aug 2014

The superresolution microscope 2C Ultraparallel RESOLFT by Abberior Instruments GmbH is honored with the Microscopy Today 2014 Innovation Award for its capability of fast multicolor superresolution imaging of living-cells. Microscopy Today, the journal of the Microscopy Society of America, annually distinguishes ten achievements that were selected for their importance and usefulness to the microscopy community.

Abberior Instruments offers the first commercial superresolution microscope based in the RESOLFT (reversible saturable fluorescence transitions) concept. In its latest commercial implementation the system scans with over 100,000 'doughtnuts' at a time. Thus, for a two-color RESOLFT image, the recording time of an image with dimensions 100µm x 100µm is cut down to a few seconds. The enormous advantage of RESOLFT os that it operates at low light intensities - it requires orders of magnitude lower light levels compared to any other superresolution method. This unique feature makes RESOLFT the method of choice for fast live-cell superresolution microscopy.

Abberior Instruments pioneers the commercialization of cutting-edge superresolution RESOLFT and STED microscopy systems, based on licences aquired from the Max Planck Society. The award is jointly bestowed Abberior Instruments GmbH and the Department of NanoBiophotonics from the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, led by Prof. Stefan W. Hell, the inventor of the RESOLFT technique.

RESOLFT and wide field images of HeLa cells recorded with 2C Ultraparallel RESOLFT microscope from Abberior Instruments. Green channel: vimentin fused to fluorescent protein rsEGFP(N205S); red channel: kerain fused to fluorescent protein rsCherryRev1.4.