Abberior Instruments is known for extraordinary customization ability of its flexible STED microscope platform. We have developed the ultimate compact STED plus confocal microscope, called STEDYCON.


STEDYCON is a completely new class of nanoscope. It converts your conventional epifluorescence microscope into a powerful multicolor confocal (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm) and STED (775nm) system! At the same time, it is incredibly compact and can be used by anyone!

  • Convert your existing microscope - Instantly upgrade any epifluorescence microscope body to multicolor confocal and STED capabilities.
  • Get top-notch STED performance - With STEDYCON your microscope will image at 30nm resolution.
  • Save Space - The incredibly compact STEDYCON comes at the size of a camera.
  • Plug & Play - The STEDYCON is assembled within minutes. It simply connects to the C-mount camera port of your microscope with no need for optical alignment.
  • Service and maintenance free - The laser beams of the STEDYCON are aligned by design as provided by its patent-protected 'easySTED' optical arrangement.
  • Innovative web-based user interface - The STEDYCON can be controlled via a browser on any PC, MAC or even a tablet!


Our STEDYCON nanoscope works with all kinds of microscope bodies from all major vendors:

STEDYCON @ Leica DM2500
STEDYCON @ Leica DMI6000
STEDYCON @ Nikon Ti2
STEDYCON @ Olympus BX53
STEDYCON @ Olympus IX83
STEDYCON @ Zeiss Axio Imager
STEDYCON @ Zeiss Axio Observer with AFM
STEDYCON @ Zeiss Axio Observer Z1
STEDYCON @ Zeiss Axio Vert
Browser-based cross-platform software

The STEDYCON can be controlled via Abberior Instruments STEDYCON smart control, a web-browser-based graphical user interface. STEDYCON smart control was designed from scratch to provide the highest possible usability completing the overall STEDYCON concept of easy installation, intuitive usage, and maintenance-free operation. Beginners can image with super-resolution within minutes. Smart control runs on every device with a modern web browser like Windows-based PCs, Linux-based PCs, Apple PCs or even tablets.


Gattaquant STED-AFM ruler (70 nm distance between emitters) were imaged using a STEDYCON attached to a Nikon Eclipse Ni and a Zeiss Axio Imager Z2. Shown is RAW DATA



From zero to STED in no time 

Follow along with the incredibly quick installation of a STEDYCON super resolution microscope, uncut. We go from opening the carton to the first super-resolution STED image in under three minutes. 

Surface rendering of a confocal z-Stack of a pollen grain. Measured @ STEDYCON/ Nikon Ti2 body

Three color confocal z-Stack of mammalian cells. Z-plane distance: 250 nm. Labelled structures: Actin cytoskeleton (blue, Phalloidin, Oregon Green 488), Nuclear pore complex (green, NUP153, Abberior STAR 580), Mitochondria (green, Tom20, Abberior STAR 635P). Measured @ STEDYCON/ Zeiss body

Confocal microscopy stack acquired with the STEDYCON. Shown is 3 color sample with the actin cytoskeleton (blue) labelled with phalloidine-Abberior STAR488, Nuclear pore complex (Nup153) labelled with Abberior STAR RED and the Golgi protein (Giantin) labelled with Abberior STAR580.

Three color confocal z-Stack of pollen grains. Measured @ STEDYCON/ Nikon Ti2 body.

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