Abberior Instruments announces collaboration with JPK and the opening of a new demonstration facility in Berlin

31 May 2017
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STED in a Shoebox

30 Mar 2017
In the current Issue of Imaging & Microscopy (Volume 19, March 2017) we present our Compact Line STEDYCON on page 46: "STED in a Shoebox. Ultra-Compact Microscopes with Unprecedented User-Friendliness“.
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STED & AFM – collaboration with JPK

15 Mar 2017
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Abberior Instruments and Leica Microsystems conclude license agreement

7 Mar 2017
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Abberior Instruments Licenses Next Generation STED Technology

24 Jun 2016
Max Planck Innovation GmbH and Abberior Instruments GmbH have finalized negotiations on the exclusive licensing of intellectual property regarding the Protected STED technology.
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