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STEDYCON live demonstration @ King's College in London 13th/14thof October 2016 Join us!


AI takes part in the Customer workshop in China Sep 20-26 2016


AI participates in the FEBS course 2016 in Wageningen, Netherlands, Sep 6-15 2016


AI takes part in the Labeling & Nanoscopy 2016, Heidelberg,
Oct 30-Nov 01 2016


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Imaging Beyond Barriers!

At Abberior Instruments we focus all our creative potential into changing the way you do microscopy. In order to provide superresolution to a broad community of users, we have established a new business unit that focuses on plug&play nanoscopy.

The result is…


STEDYCON represents a new class of nanoscopes: it upgrades your existing epifluorescence microscope to both confocal and multicolor STED. Yet it is incredibly compact!

  • Instantly upgrade any epifluorescence body to confocal and STED
  • Get top-notch performance: STED resolution of 30nm
  • Save space: the STEDYCON is the size of a camera
  • Service & maintenance free: All beams are aligned by design
  • Plug & Play: start taking STED-images within minutes
  • Innovative web-based software interface: the STEDYCON can be controlled via
    a browser on any PC, MAC or even a tablet!

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Correlative STED-AFM

Abberior Instruments and JPK Instruments have successfully integrated the Abberior Instruments STED microscope and the JPK NanoWizard® 4 AFM Read more...

Abberior Instruments RESCue STED featured in Nature Vol. 526 (15 October 2015):

Nuclear-pore complexes on the nuclear membrane seen using confocal
microscopy and RESCue STED.


RESCue STED is a STED imaging mode dedicated to live-cell imaging with saving up to 96% of the light dose without compromising the resolution.


Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for Stefan W. Hell

The Abberior Instruments team congratulates its co-founder Prof. Stefan W. Hell for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stefan!

The Nobel poster features Abberior Instruments: superresolution imaging of the nuclear pore complex with our multicolor STED microscope.


Upgrade your Abberior Instruments STED microscopes to acquire STED FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging) data.


Live-cell STED @ 775 nm with water objective

Our Abberior Instruments 2C STED 775 QUAD Scan microscope enables superresolution live-cell imaging using red-fluorescent SiR dyes.

Left: human fibroblasts labelled with SiR-tubulin. Scale bar: 5 μm. Right: close-up.

  • Water objective 60x
  • Sub-35 nm resolution with water objective

3D STED at its best: Abberior Instruments easy3D STED

Resolution at 70 x 70 x 70 nm with our easy3D STED module (target:Tom20).

Why our easy3D module is the superior 3D STED solution:

  • Use multiple objectives: oil, water, glycerol objectives are possible for 3D STED!
  • Correct for aberrations: this enables to go deep into samples with 3D STED: do 3D STED in 20 to 50 µm depth!
  • Our single-beam easy3D STED solution is the most stable 3D STED solution existing

Our easy3D STED features:

  • Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) technology
  • 2D/3D tunable
  • Single STED beam for 3D superresolution
  • Aberration control to allow 3D STED imaging in depths > 20 μm
  • Enables the use of different objective lenses (e.g. water, oil, glycerol immersion)
  • Resolution typically 80 × 80 × 90 nm
  • Engineered for maximum stability
  • Upgrade for every Abberior Instruments STED microscope already purchased or purchased in the future

At present, we do not sell or deliver STED microscopes to the United States of America.



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