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DyMIN STED complements our existing list of intelligent STED illumination schemes, namely RESCue and MINFIELD. All three intelligent illumination schemes for STED dramatically reduce the light irradiation on your sample (DyMIN STED up to two orders of magnitude) and are exclusively available @ Abberior Instruments.

DyMIN STED is a co-development between Stefan Hell and coworkers and Abberior Instruments. Read all technical details in the current PNAS publication, 2017: 

J. Heine*, M. Reuss*, B. Harke*, E. D'Este, S. J. Sahl and S. W. Hell, "Adaptive-illumination STED nanoscopy", PNAS (2017)

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Easy3D STED volume imaging deep in tissue

Surface Rendering of 2 color easy3D STED volumen imaging of a cleared adult kidney sample of a rat.

The Abberior Instruments Team

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From zero to STED in no time

Follow along with the incredibly quick installation of a STEDYCON super resolution microscope, uncut. We go from opening the carton to the first super-resolution STED image in under three minutes. Don't forget to check out the real time movie here:

Abberior in America!

Abberior Instruments America LLC is our newly formed US based daughter company to serve the needs of our US customers.

Abberior Instruments in America

Abberior Instruments easyCommander

Top-notch STED measurements at the highest possible resolution only require a few clicks.


easyCommander is Imspector's brand new graphical user interface for Abberior Instruments Expert Line microscopes. 
It largely simplifies your experimental workflow and allows you to acquire STED images with a few clicks.